Do you find that you:

1.      Feel blamed by your partner?

2.      Feel like your partner no longer loves you for who you are?

3.      Are not best friends anymore?

4.      Can’t tell your partner your true feelings?

5.      Avoid spending time with each other?

6.      Are thinking about or already having an affair?

7.      Don’t feel emotionally safe with your partner?

8.      Find the passion has gone out of the relationship?

9.      Have the same arguments over and over again?

10.  Feel that conversations easily turn into disagreements?

Most couples experience these feelings at times in their relationships.  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you and your partner may benefit from learning new ways to improve your relationship.

Being in a relationship is a life long  journey .   We often begin marriage or a committed relationship being very much in love, feeling connected and emotionally safe with our partner.  Often the very things that we cherished about our partners in the beginning of the relationship become the things that tend to rub us the wrong way later on.  We all have felt misunderstood by the very person we thought knew us better than anyone else.

However , a lasting relationship develops from a couple’s ability to resolve conflicts that are inevitable.  Communication is a fundamental skill for building connection and safety.  What we say and how we say it tends to have a powerful effect on bringing us closer together or further apart  We grow by attempting to reconcile our differences.

Often these differences stem from unfinished business we had with our parents that becomes a compelling agenda with  our partners.  Our relationships offer us the opportunity to heal our childhood wounds and lead more intentional lives.